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Pet of the Month Archive 2006

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December: Lucy

Likes: Being brushed; napping in the sunlight; regular meals; drinking rainwater; watching the birds; making sure there is enough orange fur on furniture, clothing, etc.; purring loudly at 3 am; tummy rubs; having Pat from Sit-A-Pet take care of her.

My eyes are glassy from all the catnip they needed to give me so I'd pose for this!

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November: Iggy

Likes: The very favorite thing in Iggy's world are towels hot from the dryer, wonderful for playing and snuggling; he even defers mealtime when he's snuggling in warm towels! Getting brushed is high on Ig's list, especially on his cheeks, between his ears, and near the base of his tail. Ig figures that when I read the newspaper, it's really a cue that he should come sit on it to be petted and brushed. Rolling on the carpet is a fine way to spend five minutes every so often, too.

They call me BIG IG LOVE PIG!", an epithet given him by our first Sit-A-Pet care giver, when he head-butted his sister out of the way so he could get all the attention.

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October: Nero

Likes: Riding in the "Dog-Wagon"; food-time and treats; following my owner around and not giving her space to move; my acupuncture treatments with Dr. Alterman; my buddy, Zeus (the cat), always laying next to me; and of course, my Sit-A-Pet care!

Just when I get situated, you move again!

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September: Steffi

Likes: Eating her little brother Cosmo's non-diet food; getting lots of pets and rubs; napping in the sun, under the bed, on the bed, on the chair, etc.; sitting on the piano bench while her human sister practices; chirping to her guardians; licking Cosmo's head.

Uh, he-LOOO?? Has anyone noticed my empty dish?

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August: Bunny

Likes: Chatting with/being serenaded by the neighborhood sparrows outside her window; classical music on satellite radio; preening for an appreciative audience; and millet, millet, millet.

I LUUU-V millet!

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July: Bo

Likes: Being fed, walking over his mistress's face at night, being petted and brushed, a cat massage (especially between his toe pads), napping, cat sitters (especially Evelyn, whom he has a crush on).

I've seen it all.

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June: Ilio Keiki o Kala

Likes: Sit-A-Pet's very own Jim "Kimo" Alder; as Cartman on South Park says "Cheesy Poofs"; his favorite food buddy, Katjiah the cat; kickin' in the sun Hawai'ian-style; chasing wild boar (although those days have passed); and Billy.

I want my Cheesy Poof and a kiss every day!

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May: Louie

Likes: Sleeping in the bed under the covers with his head sticking out (just like people do); rubbing his face against a scratchy, unshaven chin; greeting strangers by climbing on their shoulders and nuzzling their necks; waking up; testing gravity by knocking small items off of high surfaces; eating marshmallows; barking like a dog from atop the refrigerator.

How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

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April: Phantom

Likes: Chasing his feather toy! Scaling walls (he is quite the jumping bean). Cuddling his toy duck (which had to be replaced with a lady bug. Shhhh. He can't tell the difference). Digging the soil out of plants. Watching TV (he goes crazy for cartoons and iPod commercials). Staring out the window at cars and birds. Cuddling before bedtime. Having his tummy scratched.

Love me. Feed me. Play with me.

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March: Molly

Likes: Being a driving force for reducing crime in Fairlington by alerting neighbors about such infamous intruders as the garbage truck, mail man and UPS truck; long walks; sitting out on the balcony – especially on a sunny day; carrots – can't get enough carrots; getting her belly rubbed; having two beds and a sofa at her disposal.

Live for the 3 'Bs': empty bladder, full belly and soft bed!

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February: Begbie

Likes: Being an "acrocat," chasing balls, the blue feather, and the shoelace around the living room; cuddling mom; chicken!; attacking my kitty brother as mom makes the bed; watching the kitchen faucet drip; "decorating" new chairs with scratches; digging into mom's hair at 3 am for an early breakfast; sitting on my window perch listening to the gibbons and flamingos, our neighbors, at the National Zoo.

Gimme more free-range chicken!

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January: Oliver

Likes: Evenings spent snuggling with my mom and kitty brother and sisters on the Lazyboy; my fuzzy-squeaky toys; cheese; Roxy, the Lab-Pit mix next door; the Wheaton Doggy Park; anything my mom is eating.

2006 will be my best year yet!

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