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Pet of the Month Archive 2017

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November: Max

Likes: Cat treats, baked goods, cat treats, coffee, cat treats, popcorn, cat treats, and some more cat treats. Ear rubs (from base to tip) and face rubs. Laying on his humans’ torsos. Helping any workers who come into the house. Also, did we mention cat treats?

Dislikes: He tries to be polite about it, but he doesn’t like having other cats in the house: he is always assessing the ...

I rule! And do you have any cat treats?

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October: Phineas Fish

Likes: Fresh veggies; Hiding inside Triceratops skull aquarium ornament; Showing off dorsal fin

Dislikes: Bright lights; Any sudden movements

About Phineas Fish: We responded to a Craigslist ad.  Free aquarium equipment, left over by a tenant.  There was dark water left in the tank — then we noticed something moving. Phineas is a rescue fish. Phineas is a survivor.

Carp-Ehh Diem

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September: Finny

Likes: Finbar loves to be outside – especially when it’s cold. When we can’t find him, we know to check his “man cave,” the second floor of our carriage house, where he has several cozy beds. He also likes water, which is unusual for most cats, but not for Maine Coons. Finbar does not flinch when heading into rain or snow. He is intrigued by the bathroom shower and, on occasion, jumps into the tub to get wet...

Does Mark have to sleep with us tonight?

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August: Momo

Likes: Getting brushed, wet-food, lots of pets from the human and oh did I say brushings?

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaner, and cuddles from the human that go on for too long

About Momo: Momo is an 11-year old rescue originally from the Seattle/Pacific Northwest area but now has settled into his life in Washington DC. His previous owners were giving...

I am a wanna-be super meowdel

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July: Truman

Likes: Bananas, Papaya, fuzzy blankets, face rubs, Game of Thrones, and NPR

Dislikes: When his humans sleep in on the weekend, vacuum cleaners, loud noises, and when someone sits in his spot on the couch.

About Truman: Truman was adopted from Arlington Animal Welfare. He was named after President Harry S. Truman...

I may look small and cute, but let's face it, I'm in charge here.

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June: Binky

Likes: Having his belly rubbed; sleeping in his heated bed or under the covers with us; FOOD; sitting like a sphinx; eating plastic then throwing up

Dislikes: Being picked up and going to the vet.

About Binky: Binky is extremely laid back and affectionate and loves company. He never wants to be picked up, but he will gladly jump in your lap for pets, and particularly loves...

Is this a sweet face or what?

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May: Grant Mitchell

Likes: Food, including whatever my human drops on the floor or forgets on the counter. (I have been known to steal the toasted half of a bagel when my human isn’t looking.) My favorite pastime includes roaming the apartment and window gazing while holding my toy “Mousie” in my mouth. I also love tussling with my brother, Charlie Slater, getting pets, and watching the toilet flush. Oh, and did I mention food?

Where’s breakfast?

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April: Eliza and Pumpkin

Likes: Eliza likes perching proudly on the top of cat trees and having her silky fur gently brushed. Pumpkin likes perching wherever she takes a catly notion to perch and then enjoys depositing copious fur gifts thereon.

Dislikes: Eliza definitely dislikes for Pumpkin to be the...

We may live under the same roof, but don’t get in my space! (hence the split screen photo)

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March: Cinderella

Likes: Snuggling, burying under covers, lying in the sun, watching critters in the yard, playing with Ama, being groomed by Mama

Dislikes: Sudden noises

About Cinderella: Cindy is the most respectful, kind, dainty cat I have ever known. She asks nothing of anyone. She came to me in February 2014 when Four Paws Rescue Team asked...

Chill, man, life is good.

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February: Mister Whiskers

Likes: Ear, chin, and belly rubs, looking out the window, sleeping in the sunshine, waking up at 4am for snacks, silently judging everyone

Dislikes: Being picked up, the loud vacuum cleaner, and really any type of disturbance

About Mister Whiskers:: Mister is a chunky green-eyed fellow who meowed his way into my life from the streets...

What do you mean I already ate?

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January: Pippin & Sasha

Likes: Whiling away the hours together eating, napping and playing – in that order

Dislikes: Too much time in between meals.

About Pippin and Sasha:: These Manx brothers are two Good Hombres! Pippin and Sasha, rescued from a kitty mill nine years ago, are as social and loving as they are adorable. Given their traumatic beginning, they are extremely close...

We’re two Good Hombres!

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