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Established 1980

Our Staff

What kind of person does it take to be a pet sitter? A dedicated one! Our pet sitters have a real sense of commitment to be there weekends, holidays, or at any given moment in an emergency. That takes a special type of person. Ask them why they do it and they will say, "Because we love it!" They get a great deal of satisfaction from caring for your animals. And their commitment is rewarded by pets that are happy to see their pet sitters time and time again. Sit-A-Pet sitters average 8 years on the job. Our sitters are dedicated not only to the job but to the company itself.


Where has the time gone?

Hard to believe that it was 35 years ago that Debra Hollander decided that pet owners in the DC metropolitan area should have an alternative to boarding their pets or relying on friends/neighbors when they traveled ... and thus Sit-A-Pet was born, giving them peace of mind that their pet and home were in good hands while they were away.

This summer the staff got together to celebrate those 35 years and the wonderful pet sitters who have made it possible.

We look forward to serving you and your furry family members for another 35+ years!!


IT'S A THREE-PEAT!!!!!!! Sit-A-Pet was voted the BEST PET SERVICE in DC in The City Paper's Readers Poll for the third year in a row. Debra Hollander and Jeff Hallman attended the "Best of DC" celebratory bash.

25th Anniversary

Sit-A-Pet celebrates its 25th Anniversary by honoring 6 of our most tenured pet sitters: (from left) Patti, Amy, Sugar, Dean, Arlene and Heidi. Collectively, 105 years of Sit-A-Pet experience!

Fundraiser for Koret School of Veterinary Medicine and Critical Care Center in Israel

Sit-A-Pet staff participated in three fundraisers to benefit The Koret School of Veterinary Medicine and Critical Care Center in Israel. Sit-A-Pet staff pictured here with Cesar Millan, the "Dog Whisperer".

Sit-A-Pet staff pictured here with John Grogan, author of the best seller "Marley and Me"

Sit-A-Pet staff pictured with Tamar Geller, author of The Loved Dog, and Wendy Rieger of NBC News

Walk for the Animals to benefit the Animal Welfare League of Arlington

Debbie and Claire, along with Golda, participated in the Walk for the Animals to benefit the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, May 2010.

Staff Member Wedding

Sit-A-Pet staff celebrates Robin's upcoming wedding at a garden party, May 2009.

Staff Photos

Our Managers


Debra Hollander, Founder (1980)

Claire Burns, Manager VA and MD

Pilar Canzon, Manager DC

Our Petsitters

Arlene (1987) & Liz (1997)

Jan (1986)

Sugar (1988) & Patti (1987)

Dean (1989)

Callie (1996) & Sugar (1988)

Eva (1999) & Emily (1996)

Jennifer (1999)

Monika (2001) & Maria (1999)

Pat (1995)

Susan (1992)

Trish (1995) & Inger (1998)

Libby (2003)

Claire (2004)

Andrea (2005)

Iris (2004)

Lindsay (2007)

Dea (2007)

Edit (2007)

Jim (2004)

Melinda (2007)

Kathryn (2008)

Denise (2010)

Gordon (2011)

Jan (2011)

Joelle (2011)

David (2011)

Holly (2011)

Vic & Chris (2012)

Lorraine (2012)

Arlene (2012)

Julie (2012)

Nanette (2012)

Jen (2012)

Angela (2013)

Jerry (2013)

Simone (2013)

Maru (2014)

Noni (2014)

Yolanda (2014)

Pilar (2015)

Jan (2015)

Alexis (2015)

Ryan (2015)

Janice (2015)

Kerstin (2015)

James (2016)

Mika (2016)

Ita (2016)

Shareen (2016)

Carolyn (2016)

Dana (2016)


Once again Sit-A-Pet is honored to be voted one of the best pet services in the 2017 City Paper Readers poll. Thank you for your support!

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Treat Your Pet!

Sit-A-Pet is the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area's oldest and most trusted pet sitting service.

When you have to leave town, enjoy peace of mind for the care of your pet and home.

Why impose on friend or neighbor? No matter what the occasion or weather, your professional pet sitter will be there when you're away. Sit-A-Pet is available mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays, 365 days a year to care for your beloved pets while you are away.

No kennel can match the comfort of your own home. Sit-A-Pet is the smart alternative. Most animals are more comfortable in their own surroundings and suffer less separation anxiety when they can remain in their own home. Knowing you will come home to a relaxed and contented pet will also make your trip more stress-free and enjoyable.

True pet lovers take to Sit-A-Pet's motto: Because there's no place like home!

Sit-A-Pet serves the following areas: Arlington, McLean, Vienna, Falls Church, Washington, D.C., Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Takoma Park, Rockville and Silver Spring, in MD and VA.

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